1. I have received my boards and assembled them. Everything went fine until the push button test to check the status of GPIO 17, no matter what I do it’s always “1″ (high) even if I jumper it to gnd on the interface board header. I even removed the push button in the event it may have been bad.
    When I test the GPIO 17 on the Raspberry Pi without the interface board attached, I am able to read it as a “1″ or “0″ so the problem must be in the interface board. What might be causing this problem? The led test went fine and I am getting other pins to read fine thru the header.

    any help would be appreciated.




  2. Keith Iremonger

    Is there a testing guide similar to the one for the interface board for the I2C port extender? I’ve now finished putting it together and now want to get testing and using it. The testing guide was excellent to get me started on the first board, the interface board, but I’m a bit stuck on where to start with the port expander. I bought it as I need more GPIO ports for my projects. I’ve read the various stuff on I2C but don’t know how it relates specifically to the port expander. Thanks!


  3. Couple of quick questions and I apologize if the answers are obvious and I’m just not finding them.

    Is there a description somewhere of all 4 jumpers on the interface board and what they do?

    Also, is there a schematic somewhere for the interface board? I’m primarily interested in the pinout of the SPI headers. I plan to use SPI to connect to 2 Adafruit thermocouple breakout boards.



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