The Quick2Wire PCF8591 I2C Analogue Board has four 8­bit Analogue Inputs and one 8­bit Analogue Output.
You can use the boards to measure four voltages and control one output voltage. A simple Python API allows you to control the on­board PCF8591 chip and access all of its features.
The board uses our I2C bus connectors. It is intended for use with our Interface Board. The product is supplied in kit form, so you will need to assemble it yourself. The basic kit does not include a Raspberry Pi or an Interface board but it includes the ribbon cable to the interface board.



To purchase this kit please visit SK Pang Electronics



  1. Mathew Winters

    The link above to the assembly doesnt work, neither does the link on the box???
    Just brought one, V0.7 is that the same as the pdf for V0.2 that i found at ?


  2. The link is now fixed. Thanks Mathew.


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