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We’re running a new competition in conjunction with The MagPi magazine to celebrate the first Birthday of the Raspberry Pi.

The MagPi

If you haven’t come across it, the MagPi is a fantastic on-line magazine about the Pi, its uses and its users.

You can now purchase a print version of the MagPi and it’s still free on-line.
<hint>It’s run by volunteers who are always on the look out for new articles or more help.</hint>
Competition Rules
We’re giving away three full sets of Quick2Wire kits (Interface kit, I2C Port Expander kit, I2C Analogue kit), on the basis of projects that you submit.
Submit your entry by posting details of your project in the Quick2Wire support forum at https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/quick2wire-users.
Your post should make it clear that this is a competition entry.
Your project must run on the Raspberry Pi, and must be an original work by you.
The hardware and software for each project must be Open Source. Hardware must be licensed under the CC 3.0 share-alike license; your software and any libraries that you use must be licensed under the MIT license or LGPL.
The project does not have to be complete, but a significant part of it must be demonstrably working.
The winning projects will be chosen by a panel of judges (to be announced) on the basis of
  • educational value
  • utility
  • time and money required (less is better :) and
  • technical merit

We’ll also take your age into account if you are under 18.

The decision of the judges will be final.
Entries must be received by 8 AM UK time on Monday 15th April, and the winner will be announced on 1st May.

How to enter

You must post brief details of the project in the relevant section of our Google group, and must publish enough detail for someone to replicate the project.
Publication can be on the mailing list, or on a blog or external website. In the latter cases you must publish links to the description in a post to the group.
You must be willing for details of your project and your identity to be published in the MagPi and on this website.
Have fun, submit your entry, and good luck!

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