Do you pine for the plug-in peripherals on other platforms like the Grove System from seeed studio or the Gadgeteer?

Are you finding it hard to choose between the great interface boards from companies like Ciseco and Quick2Wire?

Grove real time clock

Grove RTC

Sytech 3 Axis Accelerometer

Sytech 3 Axis Accelerometer

Help is at hand!

We’re about to start prototyping the babelboard – an inexpensive board that lets you connect I2C-based boards from all these families to the Raspberry Pi.

This will allow you to use dozens of I2C-based devices with the Pi without having to design or solder them. Just plug them in and write some code!

Over the next few days we will open up the project on GitHub and start posting details here. The board is fairly simple so we hope to have it available in kit form within weeks.

Find out more

If you want to know more, or have ideas, join our support forum, head over to the babelboard topic and get in touch.


  1. Nigel Trewartha

    Hello Romilly,
    I think I need -among other sensors – a RTC so I am interested in the new Babelboard.
    When will it be available and at what price?




    • There are three other boards ahead of the bableboard in the development queue at the moment, so it’s likely to be June before we start beta-testing it. We won’t be sure of the price until we’ve a working beta version but I think it will be around £12-£15 + VAT.


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