QCon London is over for this year. What an awesome event it was!

Many friends were presenting and participating.

John Davies, co-founder and CTO of Incept5 had put together a fascinating track on Finance, Technology and Implementation. Technologists from the Finance sector are not usually allowed to talk about their work but somehow John had lined up an array of speakers from several major financial institutions. Sadly the track clashed with ours (see below) but I’ve heard good things about the talks.

Steve Freeman and I were asked to put together a half-day Maker track. It was a great success.

We talked about our Making efforts here at Quick2Wire, and Rain Ashford told us about her work with wearable technology.

Wearable tech has some very significant applications. She told us abut research that’s helping people on the Autistic spectrum to better understand the mood of others. She also talked about her work in the area of the Quantified Self (QS) movement.

QS also came up in Ward Cunningham‘s outstanding keynote.

Steve Freeman has been telling me for days how excited he was about Ward Cunningham’s new Federated Wiki. Yesterday I found out why.

Most of you will know what an amazing man Ward is. He invented the Wiki, and is responsible for many other widely-used software tools. The hallmark of his design is beautiful, useful simplicity.

I want to do justice to the Federated wiki and Txtzyme, and this post is already a long one. All I’ll say for now is that on Friday evening, dropping with tiredness, I somehow found the energy to fork both of Ward’s projects and start playing. Within minutes I was running a hacked Txtzyme implementation on an Arduino, and using it to control an LED from my laptop.

This stuff is mind-blowing – simple, powerful and free.

Ward has kindly agreed to do an email interview for this website, so expect more detail soon.

QCon was well organised, very well attended, and packed with interesting talks. If you’re a software professional, or interested in what top professionals do, then QCon is a must. And if you can’t wait till next year, you can find this year’s talks (and other excellent material) available on InfoQ.

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